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Understanding Thought


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What is thought ? How does it comes into being ? Is it the waveforms generated in the brain cells when we recognize something ? Is it something that comes out of memory ? Is it our conclusions of the investigations ? Is it an enemy of peace ? Is it a disturbance ? Is it just a way to communication ?

How important it is to understand thought. Our whole life is based on it. All our relationships, everything are interferd by thought. Thought is surely our constant companion. Its there all the time, But is it actually required all the time ? When someone is in peace for a few moements thought comes and says " I want it, I want to have it again" but does thought realizes that peace is when thought is not. How quickly thought drifts away from the point of observation. How much does it love to be involved in itself. How quickly does one become angry, when its desires are not fulfilled, when people do not behaive according to it.

How quickly does it get bored. Is it related to its tendency to move away from one point of focus. How much one loves to be stimulation. Why do we need stimulation all the time ? How much we crave for newness ?

Is understanding of thought the same as understanding of the self. What is self without thought ? We have been told by the wise man about ego, devotion, love, understanding of thought and what not. But does it really help apart for some instant quitening.

How quickly do we return to the same old routines of life ? Repeating the same mistakes again and again. Saying sorry again and again. Do our morals and ethics have any value at all ? How easily we customize them and break them.

Is living life according to rules, morals and ethics a free living. What is freedom ? Who told us about this word ? Can ceaseless enquiry end thought ? Does thought slow down when enquire into it ? Why do we want to know the nature of thought ?

Do we ever meet people without any biases positive or negative ? Do we ever try to understand them? Do we ever see their misery and cry ? Do we ever cry for ourselves ?

Dont we ever feel love for them ? Does not our herat ever cry to stop all this. To stop the misery people have. To move away from this suffocating world we have created.

Will it ever be achieved by our action of the will. Suerly to end it, one has to be away from it. One has to stand apart. One has to understand.

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