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Am I being selfish or what should I be doing?


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I started talking to this guy 3 months ago. We met through an internet ad. We see each other about once a week, text everyday, and things go well. He even said, "I trust you enough to tell you this now" and told me some personal information. The only thing is that I feel like things keep dragging on. I've never been to his place, or him to mine. I invited him, but he had things to do.


He didn't touch me until about 2 weeks ago when he suddenly started tickling me and we had a little flirtation going on. We haven't kissed or anything.


He introduced me to his cousin and her friend, but that was about a week ago. He also talks about our future, us working out, meeting my family, and taking me out for my birthday, etc.


Perhaps I'm impatient, but I wish things would pick up a little. I'm not suggesting sex right away, but at least see his place, or vice versa, or a good night kiss. I understand being slow with the online dating, but we're both adults and after 3 months I think we've established that neither of us are psychos who are going to axe murder one another.


I like him, but at the same time I'm starting to get a little impatient. Is it selfish of me or should I be doing something different?

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You said your self you're both adults...so if you want a good night kiss what's wrong with initiating it yourself. Maybe he's waiting for you to make a move. He's not a mind reader if you want to have more physical affection from or you wan to see his apartment you need to speak up. If he's not affectionate enough for you its better you find out now.

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