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well broke up 3 months, after she left me for another guy.


they are still together, and apart from that i know nothing else about them. except she said she had the best bf ever..nice!


ive been in NC and she has messaged me, i have ignored them. she says she misses me, im a great person and really wants to be my friend. this was all of a sudden when she found out i was meeting new girls!


i miss her obviously, but i have met another new girl on line and we have really hit it off, shes really nice, and very pretty..since i have been speaking to her, i get excited and really want to meet up with her, but feel its a bit soon, we have only spoke a few days now! but its such a nice feeling getting back to my normal self now. i hope things progress with us! hopefully exciting times. i realise now my ex will have to cope with losing me.. not the other way round. i cant even picture my exs face? whats that all about? i cant even remember spending the last year or so with her??

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I remember you! Haha, good to see you're back on track champ. She's not worth it, just keep NC and don't bother with it. If you really like this new girl, get to know her as best as you can, i'd give it a month or two before meeting here BUT fingers crossed all goes well for ya mate!


best of luck!

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it is good to be getting back on track, i still think about my ex loads but keep telling myself the hurt that she caused me theres no way she loved me like she said! shes really not worth it at all, and theres no point trying to get her back, as going back would end up in more hurt! her friend even said i was there to fill in time maybe for a few months.. but not after a year? right?


yeah i do want to get to know this new girl.. she seems really nice and we have talked about meeting up.. well she brought it up so hopefully its promising!


hows things with you mate?

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Yeah good champ. Started my new job, earning some good $$. Went and inspected a house (renting, sadly) and should hopefully move in this week sometime! Pretty ecstatic, life's moving forward quicker than I could have ever expected it to.


Give it a week to boil over, see if she still wants to meet up then. Is she close to you or is it a bit of an LDR? Keep your hopes up though, either one works well!


True love is everywhere, well, not in the ground, but everywhere..

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This gives me hope-thanks for posting! My ex left me for my now ex-friend. It's hard accepting he doesn't think of me at all because he's with her, but in a couple of months, i'll be over it more AND able to date new guys when I go back to college!


Exactly! No point dwelling, time will pass, you'll be with someone else and not even look back to this point.

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whysoalone - the new girl is about 40 mins drive away from me, and gave me her number and wants to meet up next weekend! woohoo..result! she asked me, lol im not that forward to ask her althou i set her up for it, the words came from her Glad to hear your doing well, the best revenge is to move on and better your life! cant beat the feeling of that!


strawberry - im glad i have given you hope for this, believe me, it is hard to accept, but you come to a point where you realise your a much better person and someone else deserves you. i dont know how people can do this! but i would say hes still thinking of you at some point as i found out my ex has been, by texting and is trying to get a reaction out of me by twitter as well... i will not give her a reaction!

you will be able to date new guys, even go on date with a few to boost your confidence again, as im sure its rock bottom at the minute. glad to be able to help you somehow

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