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Oddest revelation


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I just spent two hours fixing the washing machine that was throwing water all over the place while the downstairs neighbors tried to knock down my door because the water was falling on their apartment... AND IT WAS AWESOME.


Let me explain a bit. I'm visiting my brother back in the city, where I used to live a year ago. I graduated, got tired of my boss not paying me and went back to my hometown, since mother would call every day about how dad was sick and how she missed me and what the hell was I doing so far away? What do I do? Be an idiot and go back. I can't blame my past self though. Things got awful here. My brother is abusive with me. As in he constantly insults me, berates me and sometimes even hits me. That was back when he was unemployed and incredibly depressed. I tried my best to keep on living with him, but it turned out to be impossible.


Now, I came back to pick up my degree (woo!) and help him move from the old apartment we used to share. Or mostly just take my junk out of his place. Anyway, this place is old. WAY old. Nothing works. Worse, the subway is under construction right at the side of the building, which means constant black outs, no phone service and even once a fire started by them messing with the electrical service.


Today was just that the drain connected to the washing machine was full of... dirt or something. Water wouldn't leave and started to make a rather nasty waterfall at the side of the building. My brother NEVER takes care of stuff like this, so I figured this had happened before and he merely shrugged it off. I hate it that he never takes care of anything. I was the one to call plumbers, electricians, make food, clean up. You know the deal.


Anyway, back at home, apart from cleaning after myself and washing my clothes, making meals and stuff, I don't do much. Today I had to freaking climb up the washing machine, disconnect everything since it was starting to fill up with water, (Mind you, this is a tiny space and the drain was at the other side of the washing machine so it was difficult to reach it) and play plumber.


It worked. I felt such a rush of satisfaction for such a silly thing. I managed to stop the waterfall and the neighbors anger and everything went back to normal. I know it's stupid, but for the first time in a year, I felt useful. I actually did something right. It made me realize that, small as these things may be, they give me satisfaction. I missed taking care of myself, as well as fixing problems and being independent. And I want that life back. I think my problem was going back to the smallest city ever, with the highest unemployment rate and the lowest payment in the country, just because I felt pressured... or maybe because I was being weak. Maybe I needed the time off.



...Or maybe I'm just being silly. xD

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