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Hi Everyone,


For a long story short.....Last October, I met my best friend boyfriend's younger brother for the first time when he came to visit from out of state. Just two weeks ago, he moved out and into their apartment to have a fresh start. We hung out a couple of times, had pretty good conversation, and I know we are both physical attracted to each other. He would flirt with me, gave me hugs, and kiss me on the cheek and has been trying to ask me to hang out with him. Like watching a movie or just spending time alone with him. So this weekend, we are planning to go hiking together. Here are my dilemmas....


1. I just ended a 1.5 years relationship and I don't think I ready to date anyone yet. I do find him attracted and love talking to him, but I am not ready for

anything right now.


2. He is the baby brother of my bestfriend's boyfriend and I don't want to make things complicated. I have a really good relationship with my bestfriend's boyfriend and I don't want to mess that up.


3. He is like 5 years younger than I am.


4. Should I continue to spend alone times with him knowing that we both are attracted to each other?


5. Am I over analyzing the situation?



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