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This seems oxymoron, how is it possible?

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The department I work for at a large company is similar to a college campus; a lot of people in their early 20's with similar interests. We are also not located in a city, so people have to be creative to come up with fun (parties). By nature, I am gregarious and upbeat. I can talk to anyone and act the same way with everybody at my level. Keeping this in mind...


Peers who are social, but are a little quieter/shy, keep to themselves or are slowly getting comfortable = I get along great with. Very easy to get things rolling with them. They act normal and all is good.


Peers who are also very outgoing and social = do not seem to like me. Despite their outgoing nature, they make sure to say the minimal amount of words when talking to me. Though this part is very minor...they reject my facebook friend requests! Who does that? They accept everyone else's - actually, they'll friend request others. One girl, for example, seems to be adding tens of new "friends" from work every day (thank you news feed). She wouldn't add me though; I had to do it. Some of these other outgoing people host parties and will put the details on their FB page.


My question: what gives? This seems to be a trend, which is why I'm asking you all about it. Is there something I'm doing that irritates these other people? I'm not perfect and have flaws, but the more outgoing/social people - those who would befriend everyone - have it in for me. Meanwhile, the people who you would think are more likely to go with the flow or keep to themselves I get along well with. The reason this is post-worthy for me is because its the outgoing/social people who set up the parties and get-togethers...and I don't want to be blacklisted.

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Is there something I'm doing that irritates these other people?

That was my immediate thought even before I got to read this part, lol. I get the impression you're very competitive and it's possible that you come accross as a little too out there, possibly a bit of a show-off. Not saying you are, but it is possible the people around you see it that way.

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Thanks. What you said is possible, especially since a lot of this takes place at work. I am naturally competitive and strive to be my best all the time - but then again, doesn't everybody else?. I don't brag or boast about my accomplishments, but I am very confident of my abilities. I'm generally very nice to everyone at work unless they give me a reason to dislike them. Even then, I remain respectful and won't let petty differences get in the way of our work.

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