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My dog, my friend

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I know this is nothing compared to what other people are going through, but my dog passed away in February of this year and I don't think I have gotten over it. He was our family pet for ten years and he died of cancer, unexpectedly. I just wasn't ready for it, as he was my companion and my friend. I used to take him for walks everyday and for that period of time during the day, I was at peace. It didn't matter what was going on in my life, at that time I felt calm, happy and grateful.


I realized today that I am feeling very lonely and I'm not sure if that is the entire reason but I think it is part of it. I don't really have friends in the city anymore, they have all moved away since University ended. My parents have since gotten a new dog, but to me it just isn't the same. I miss our walks. I have an amazing family and I am newly married, so I am very lucky and grateful. I know that I am blessed, but I feel very alone today.

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Don't discount what you're going through bc its not a human. Our pets can become like family and losing them hits us just as hard. I lost my dog almost 2 years ago to cancer. Although I felt like I had time to prepare for it, I still couldn't prepare enough for how hard it was and would be for quite a while. I loved her so much. She was my life.


Others suggested to get another dog, not as a replacement but as another companion. I didn't get another dog till a year after my dog died, and even then, I knew I wasn't ready. I was still to raw and grieving my othear dog and I fund it difficult to love the new dog. I do now, but it was tough and took time.


Don't rush into getting a new one till you're ready. Let yourself grieve and go through the grieving process. Don't feel bad for grieving over the loss of your dog

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You dog was just another family member. He was with you since he was a puppy and he grew old with you. Although he is gone, he is still with you in spirit. He is no longer in pain. You should think of the happy times that you had with him. Just remember taking him on walks. Remember being with him and remember the loyalty he showed you.


He is not suffering anymore..... would you rather him be in peace at rest or still alive and suffering? He is in a better place now. He lived a happy life with you I am sure. Don't worry.... he may be gone physically but he will never be gone- he will always live in your memory.

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