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I don't hear from my


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If my boyfriend doesn't message me for about a week if I don't initiate, should I just continue to pull back instead of always being there? I don't ever over message or anything. I don't know if he's lost interest or this is just who he is after the wooing is over.


I normally see him every weekend or every other, I moved and he's on course in the army. When were together things seem okay, there's been a few red flags like.. I am completely fine with exes but his one messages him every 5 minutes. * We've been together 2.5 months now I guess. He does have exes he's legit just friends with as they are with other men, but these ones just won't go away, he complains but he likes the attention I guess. He didnt re add them on the stupid Facebook until we were already together which is odd to me.


Guess I just don't know what to do. He plays games. He'll purposely look at their pics in front of me and immediately touch me and ask if I'm ok on numerous occasions .. I don't see the point of trying to anger me, or test me.


My ex was my only other relationship and was never like this.. Never had girls after him and

always wanted to talk. *


When we are together he seems interested but I guess re reading this it doesn't sound good. I don't know if this is just how he is, he is french and I'm English and he's been trying to learn English from me.. So that adds to it I suppose. Normally when Ive pulled back to give space he comes back.. But he used to message all the time.. I don't need contact every day but more than every 4-5 days. *


Anyone dealt with anything similar?

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Actions always speak louder than words.


Sorry, but this doesn't sound like much of a relationship. He also sounds like a big attention-seeker with the exs' in the picture. Typical that he gets hot when you pull back, this guy does not sound like he's great relationship material but likes the attention- Manipulation and game playing.

It also sounds like you're doing all the work. seems like it is time to move on. Find someone who you will have a regular contact with. You deserve that.

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Thank you.. It's just odd because things were great, for almost 3 months .. Always wanted to see me and everything is great when he's around but I find in between.. Significant decrease in communication . The longest since I've heard from him is just 3 days I think.. I'm just going to lay off I guess completely. He either messages a ton or not at all. This sucks though ..

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I think you two need to have a sit-down in which you put everything out on the table and explain to him how this all makes you feel. If after that you cannot come to a mutual understanding about things in the relationship than I would suggest you end things sooner than later.

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