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To make a long story short: my ex dumped me on may 22. im 21 and shes 17. we didnt fight, cheat, argue, or anything. we never saw eachother everyday, we kept a close relationship. we went over eachothers houses, and our parents respected us equally. she explained that she wants to be single and she wants to experience high-school, and it was all caused bcz i was acting jealous about another guy. on our 11 month anniversary i said "you're never going to learn/change"


anyways...today is July 01, Canada Day...i havent spoken to her since June 25. That one month since she broke up i persisted, at least once a week, to win her back. within a time span of 1 month and 2 weeks i contacted her once a week. i looked really REALLY desperate/needy, begging and promising and asking for a second chance, telling her that i will always love her, telling her that shes the only one for me, telling her we were meant to be, saying things like "thank you for loving me". the point is this: our last convo that we had ended up somewhat positive. at first she got angry (bcz i said she should delete me off facebook), then she got sad (sobbed a bit), and FINALLY she ended off laughing (twice!). she said she'll keep in touch, which is BS bcz i know what that means...it means "i wont keep in touch until i feel like i want too" which can take MONTHS. (1 & 1/2 months of neediness = 3 months of NO CONTACT)


this is my question: for the past week it looks like i've been dead on facebook. i havent updated/added new pics (bcz i have been working non stop). should i keep putting nothing on it, or should i make an effort to make it seem like im trying to allude to her by updating my profile pic with a pic of me and another girl? (every week or so) do u think she will get jealous or will she see through it? remember: i havent uploaded/updated * * * * since the last day we talked, and i personally think (since shes 17 and shes oblivious to the night life) that she will get jealous and see the value in me. how couldnt she? in her eyes she sees another attractive girl hugging me (or smiling with me in general) and she will obviously begin to wonder what i have been doing. in her eyes she will see that i have moved on, clearly.


what should i do??????? please help!


ps: her birthday is on the 21st of july, and she said "i'll keep in touch" on the 25th of june. it was a somewhat positive conversation. if she doesnt contact me before her birthday, should i still wish her hbd? i dont want her thinking that im always there still, but at the same time i dont want her thinking that im immature and im playing a game with her. if she breaks contact fine, but if she doesnt b4 the fact, should i still do it?

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yeah but if i look dead on fb then she wont genuinely miss me...she will only think negative of me.

the only way she can miss me is if she sees the value in me again...which she obviously does not see since she only thinks of me as this big fat ugly needy desperate douchebag that will go to any extreme to get her attention.

maybe if she was 23-25 i wouldnt have to do anything on fb, but bcz she is 17 and its basically her life she will see the picture updates. should i do it? i want her back, and if it takes jealousy then i am willing to take the plunge.

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