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getting used to dating a guy with a baby's momma


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my bf has 2 children with his baby's mama and they ended rocky, (she cheated on him 3 times, and is now dating the last guy she cheated with), but my bf and her decided to make the best of it and not hold a grudge for the kids. they live 2 hrs away, so when my bf picked them up today, him his BM, the 2 kids, and the BM's 2 other kids all went out for ice cream together. should this be weird to me....or is it just me not being used to being with a guy with kids and having a baby mama? he has told me there will always be feeling bc she is the mother of his kids, but that he would never ever get back with her, even when he was single, and they ended about 3 yrs ago. thanks.

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