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1 month NC - still hurts

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I've been NC for exactly one month now. Haven't reached out to my ex-gf for all of june, and she hasn't felt the need to reach out to me. She's leaving for the summer today, and looks like we won't be talking this summer at all then.


Last few days I hit a new low... cried a lot thinking about her. Everyday I wake up and it hits me again that she's not with me anymore. Sometimes when I think about it, my chest hurts.


I hope she comes back to me, but I won't push for it, or sit around waiting. It's "me time" now.... as much as possible I'm gonna invest in me. I started P90x yesterday, and actually felt a bit better afterwards. Gonna do another video right now.


One month NC down... how many more until either i'm over her or we reconcile?

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I guess lots of people stopped talking after memorial day weekend lol. I'm at one month contact and honestly feel the best I have since the breakup. I don't know if you guys got closure or not but after I got closure everything got better. She now in a new relationship and I couldn't be bothered,I have me first date since the breakup tomorrow.my advice is to just get yourself happy, I was so bitter about the breakup for to long. Always said that she ruined my summer, I can't believe she did this to me. Then one day I stopped the pity party and went out and became happy again. And now I can honestly say I'll be fine with whatever she does,whether she wants to come back or not doesn't bother me, and now I really wish the best for her. Just keep being positive and do what ever makes you happy,keep strict NC and things will get better trust me. I was in your shoes and then one day it just happened and I made the turn towards feeling good again.

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If it's any consolation I'm 2 1/2 months NC. I lost nearly half my weight in the first month, lost my appetite completely and cried almost all day every day. This week, my appetite has returned, I still think about him but more about his flaws and what and idiot I was to take him back the many times I did. I think about things I compromised to be with him, his overpowering mother, his moods and temper tantrums - I think I'm close to the "what did I ever see in him" stage.


Trust me, it does get better. If anyone told me two months ago that I'd have three meals today, I'd have punched them in the face. Pardon the cliche but time is indeed a great healer.

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