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Teenager afraid of kissing.


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i'm 16 i've had 3 boyfriends. I have pecked before but i've never 'made out' with a boy and i am shy about pecking.

Is this normal for my age? my dad says it is but i can't help but feel so bad about it. I feel so pathetic.

I broke up with a boy because i was shy this way. I don't know why, i think its because they mean a lot to me so

i don't want to mess up at all. But can you reallly mess up a kiss unless you have really sloppy lips or something?

I think that break up woke me up to the fact that i just really need to get over this fear. But its also made me

realyl insecure and my confidence has really decreased...

I get compliments on my appearance but it doesn't make me confident. and i can't talk to any friends about it

because i feel like they will just laugh at me. plus, ironically, most of my friends are boys.

I can't tell if i'm over this fear or not until i next am in the situation. But i wouldn't be suprised if i'm still scared.

i just want to be fearless like the other girls i see, but i dont know how.


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Majority of girls in their teens (even some in their twenties), are always concerned with being ''good'' for their boyfriends. Be it kissing, making out or full on sex. Chill out, everyone has been there. We dont wake up one day with a degree in these things. Everyone starts from scratch.


Just tell the person you are with that you are inexperienced and im sure they will help you and be a really good guide. Just make sure that what they do is what you want first. Most important.

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Get in the game, girl!


No one expects a teen to have any skills. But, if you keep up this fear, it could easily grow into a phobia, so definitely cut that off at the pass now.


Kissing is like everything we do - it takes practice to become good at it, so get your lips out there!

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