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Blocked my ex on facebook, did i do the right thing?

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So my ex always stalked my page to come up with ideas on making me jealous, yesterday i got fed up with her because she was talking about hickies that she gave some guy last night and im thinking she might have had sex with him; so decided to block her from looking at my facebook and so that i couldnt see hers, so now she has nothing to go on.


Im finally moving on because at first i though she was nice but i see that i was wrong and later found out that i was being used when we were dating; i just hope i never meet another girl like this again.


btw we go to the same college and i need tips on how to avoid her because i know she is going to try and get at me by playing sweet and innocent when i know shes really a * * * * and i dont mess with girls who wants to put their body on every dude she sees


share some stories if you have any, the more info the better....

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Good for you. You did what is right for you - blocking her and thereby not having to have constant reminders of her. Me, I deleted my whole facebook account - 5 months ago, and its awesome! I feel so free without that stupid site, and I no longer feel like people are "watching me" ha ha. Anyways, as for how to avoid her, well hopefully you don't take the same classes as her. If you see her on campus the best thing to do would be to just be polite and say hi and keep walking. If she tries to engage in conversation you can say "I'd love to chat but I gotta run to my next class, take care!" or "I have an appointment and am in a hurry", etc. Don't go out of your way to ignore her/avoid her, just carry on with what you have to do and treat her as you would any other acquaintance.

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I know this is a little late, but I had the same problem. Only thing was, after I finally blocked him (about a month after we broke up) he continued asking mutual friends what I was up to...pathetic. Anyways it is a great thing you blocked your ex! Seeing all the posts from them can really drag you down. There were two things that really hurt me when I hadn't had him blocked. A week after the break up he changed his profile picture to him in bed with two girls, but what really did it for me was when a video was posted of him singing our song to another girl. It can really kill you seeing that stuff and the most important thing is for you to feel better, so I am glad you took those steps. Who cares what she thinks anyway? My ex got angry when he found out I blocked him, because he couldn't message me or view my profile. But honestly he wasn't messaging me and if he decided to step out of my life he had no right to know what I was doing. I think the same applies to you.


Finally, I wouldn't avoid her. My ex and I went to the same college and even lived in the same dorm building! But you can't change how you live your life for them is what I have learned. Now, don't go out of your way to see her, but also do not specifically avoid her. Live your life, regardless of where she is. I joined a coed football team, once we got the schedule I saw the name of one of our mutual friends as the captain. I was sure my ex was going to be on that team and I wanted to quit because I didn't want to play him. But I thought, who cares about him? I will not stop doing something that makes ME happy just so I don't have to see him. It was hard, but I made a lot of new friends on my team. I honestly don't care what he thought, or thinks. That's where you need to get.


Well, I hope I helped some. Its never easy having to deal with classes and breakups at the same time. Oh and Skittles is right, if you see her be polite, but short. Always be the best person you can be, take the higher road.

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