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need some help....


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Hi, So yesterday i've been on my first date since my LTR (3.5 years) ended 6 months ago.

I've meet her last week with friends, got her number and went on a date. It went pretty well, i find her attractive overall, after the date when i stopped in front of her house we talked a bit more and then the "kiss silence" shows up...so i kissed her, she kissed me back and that went on for another 2 hours or so...


Now she got out from a bad relationship of 1.5 years where her "boyfriend" would be exactly that as long as he didnt have the other "girfriend" at hand...so massive cheating there.

I had a great time but dont feel that rush of wanting to be with her 24/7...is this normal after my breakup? i want to keep seeing her but i also dont want to hurt her feelings by leading her on and sudently realize that i dont want to date her, so you see its complicated...





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oh thx do what day_walker said, ill go easy, i dont want to rush anything!


I wonder if she is a rebound or not...dont know and right now i really cant overthink things otherwise ill be breaking up in blink of an eye.


Thanx both of you

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