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Been almost 2 months since break-up...keep getting set back :/

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several weeks ago before my ex contacted me I was doing great with NC and moving on ( I had gotten a new job, moved etc). Then when he contacted me, the first few days I was fine, but after that I started to wonder "why" and "what did he really want." I haven't heard from him since. I also keep getting messages periodically from his good friend...not about the ex, but just invitations to things etc. I feel like he would know the situation given his closeness to my ex so why would he contact me after the break-up? I never saw him or any other of my ex's friends for that matter unless the ex and I were together. Anyway, every time I hear from either of them I feel set back several steps because I find myself writing posts on here rather than concentrating on other work I have to do. I wish I would just stop wondering "WHY" they do what they do and understand my ex is just a commitment phobic jerk that couldn't even wish me happy birthday, or support me when I needed help, or at least be honest with me when I confronted him about having feelings for his ex or other women...ugh

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