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17 years together, not perfect in any way. I lost both of my parents (65 years together) in the last 2 years. Now my partner of 17 years. He says it was all me, all my fault. I worked (teacher) came home every night and cooked dinner, did all the shopping and cleaning, paid the bills. I know, so what am I crying about? That is an understatement. I can't stop crying. I miss him and am obsessing over where he is and what he is doing as well as how easily he moved on. I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no happiness to be found. I keep hearing all the things he said that can't be taken back and I still miss him.

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Im glad you found this forum. You will get good support and by reading other's stories you will also come to see that you are not alone*


17 years is a long time and so it will take him a while to 'get over' this too. The difference is that he was thinking about this for quite a while before you even knew it was coming....Thats why it seems so sudden to you and so painful.


Do you have kids or business together? If not then the best thing you can do is pack away all the reminders of him and go No Contact.


If an ex changes their mind and wants to come back then they need to discover that on their own. Any amount of begging, pushing or trying to think of ways to get them back only helps them to justify their decision and keep going.


It's the hardest thing anyone has to go through, but stay strong and you will get there.


Again, you are not alone*



Carus* 8-)

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