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It's funny how some people can make you so angry


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There's this girl I had a crush on at work. We had some great laughs and good conversations and then the next time we talk she could be completely rude. Well, the last time she was rude would be the last.


We had gone to this physical event. We were on separate teams. The next day we joking and laughing about it with my boss. My boss even asked me if we were dating because of the way we were acting with each other and the fact that we were at the same event.


2 hours later, I asked her something work-related. After a minute of this conversation she said, "are you through with me," not in a joking manner. That pissed me off so much I decided that was the last time I would talk to her. It wasn't the first time she was rude like that.


The problem is, I'm still upset by it. What makes me so upset is because we were just joking around 2 hours ago. It was completely uncalled for.


it doesn't matter why she would be rude. One of friends suggested that maybe she's afraid of getting close to you. (her friend is a therapist and might have insight). She could be moody. she could have been in a bad mood. She already apologized once a couple of months ago because she thought I hated her. She apologized saying work was really stressing her out that week. She used to joke around sometimes about how much she yells at me.


I haven't talked to her since Monday and I still get pissed off about what she said. it was the straw that broke the camel's back.


I'm sure eventually the anger will subside. But for now, it's inside of me like a cancer.

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