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Physical symptoms of hurt and healing?

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So anyway, it's a month NC for me....I have moments where I feel like I am moving on swiftly, and then days where I feel somewhat down again. It's a tiresome process, but one I have to go through.


We all know about the emotional pain of hurt.....that there is no painkiller for it, it just has to be felt until it goes of it's own accord.


However...anyone ever had physical symptoms occur because of their hurt/stress/anxiety etc?


The first week of NC I had a twitch occur in my eye whenever I got stressed. Thankfully this went away after a while (when I started to relax more).


Now however, I have had a sore throat now for about a week....and an aching pain in the centre of my chest. I am pretty certain it's not heart-attack symptoms actually think this is a result of my inner frustration and hurt, and not being able to release it properly.


Also, the sore throat I am certain is because I CAN'T TALK TO THE PERSON who hurt me!!


NC might be good for the emotional healing, but I'm not so sure it's good for emotional effects that can actually effect your health.


Maybe these pains are signs of emotional "purging"...I've always been the sort of person that can become physically affected if I am anxious for an extended period of time.


Anyone else get physical symptoms, or am I just strange?

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Yes yes yes. He walked out on me sat. Officially dumped me sun. Been NC since Monday. The panic attacks are bad. Sitting at rest and heartrate skyrockets out of the blue and gut feels that I am in free fall. It's bad.

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Shal, do what ever you can to relax, whether that is watching a funny movie or sitcom, reading a book...watch some funny video on Youtube! Anything to calm yourself down. I am a fine one to talk....a month later and still anxious....but I am going to try some relaxation/meditation techniques to a CD soon, because I know responding to my feelings in negative physical ways isn't good, and I don't want to end up ill as a result.


Look after yourself!

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I definitely understand the physical symptoms that come with heart ache. Aside from the crazy anxiety attacks to the point where I would give myself full blown panic attacks- a few times I really thought I was going to die- I also had horrible head aches, stomach aches, and nervous fits. I was kind of a mess lol. The brunt of it lasted about a good month or 2. Now- being over 6 months later, I still get certain feelings again but nothing like it was thank God. So at least the physical pain passes. There is still a ache in my chest, and every now and then, especially if it's a rough time for me the physical symptoms will return, though not as bad as they were. Hang in there everyone!!

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panicky, stomach in a mess, almost a physical feeling of my heart hitting the floor. all the same things. I have a new one though. 5 days since break up day and my hair has gone really really dry. weird huh? oh, and i look older, i swear it

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We all go through these pains at one point or another. For me, it seems like the racing heart and pain in the chest come back when i start to think about the past. What she did to me, how it ended, etc. What you have to realize is that all the emotional and physical pain is a result of what we let our minds think and do. If i instantly force myself to think about something else and just get my mind off what happened, i slowly begin to relax and it all goes away. Easier said than done, but you really have to start getting your mind concentrating on other things now. Dwelling on what happened simply gets you nowhere but moving backwards in healing.

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i'm sure that's not helping. i count myself lucky that i am, at least, getting some sleep. you know what, doll, we'll get through this. i know it doesn't feel like it, but we will. i'm going to try and have faith that i have to go through this in order to get to the better things that are coming to me somewhere down the line.


and then we'll look younger again. and if not i might go and get some botox.

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All sounds normal....I went through sickness and body aches...like drug withdraws...it'll pass...force yourself to eat....grapes, nuts , raisins, anything you can....bite or two of sandwich... Relax...listen to ambient music.


It's mostly psychological so calm the mind....the body will follow

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panicky, stomach in a mess, almost a physical feeling of my heart hitting the floor. all the same things. I have a new one though. 5 days since break up day and my hair has gone really really dry. weird huh? oh, and i look older, i swear it


LOL.. yup, the first part is so true. I gained a few pounds though but had to stop the bacon/ranch burgers quickly, they seemed to be the only cure. Some type of cardio (fast walking, stairs, jumprope) as I firmly believe being busy on anything and endorphins kill love cells.

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Its normal to feel sick. Its from the anxiety. Just like the symptoms of depression can be physical, anxiety can be too. I have been BU with my ex for about 3 weeks today, and we are now NC. Since the BU, I have lost 8 pounds. I just don't have an appetite, and I have to choke down food so I don't get too dizzy. I am 5'5" and 105 lbs today. I have also been getting strange muscle spasms/clenching feelings in the muscles at the front of my throat. Its really weird, it feels like the muscles are tightening up.


It should lessen as more time goes by. NC should help the process though. Any new contact with the ex would set me back at least a week in the healing process.

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Yeh, I lost 8kg in the first three weeks of the BU, and I didn't have 8kg to lose!!


Also had a lot of the others symptoms described above....


There are a lot of chemical reactions that happen when the bond is first broken, but as it moves along I concur that it is our thoughts that are controlling our emotions and becoz our thoughts are constantly on our ex's and the hurt of the BU, we in turn feel pretty bad until we can change that....


Being a psyche student I put up that a period of grieving and mouring the lost RS is very important, but after the initial stages, one must focus more on retraining your thoughts....


One thing that helped me was, it's usually pretty bad when you first wake up, so I would get up and have a shower and sing song lyrics in my head....This helped to start the process of reprogramming....


I'm 2 years out now and I can honestly say that although I still do think about her everyday, I have large chunks of the day where I honestly dont think about it AT ALL...!! Its a small step and its taking me longer than most I know, but it was a very traumatic BU and it's a small reward for all the work Ive done*


Stay Up Everyone.

Ever Forward

Carus* 8-)

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Yep...I had these types of symptoms too -- nausea, chest pains, stabbing pains in my head, eye twitches, various body aches, a heavy feeling in my chest, ears ringing, feeling flushed (sort of that "flight or fight" reflex feeling) -- you name it. The sore throat thing too -- I believe it was from thinking about all the stuff I wanted to say to him but couldn't; it was almost as if it were all there lodged in my throat.


My favorite one, though: I cried so much at one point that, I swear, a vein popped out on my right temple. It was never visible before, and now it is. It's toned down a bit, but it was really prominent there for awhile. UGH. That's the only change in my appearance though; I lost a few pounds initially but managed to gain it back.


After a few weeks, most of these symptoms went away except for the heavy feeling in my chest and the clenched feeling in my throat, which still recurs to this day when I think of conversations we might have had -- ones that would be very upsetting for me.

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@ LaceWing


I've always been a fairly healthy person. Went over a year without more than one cold... then I broke up with my boyfriend (I'm 6 weeks in) and I had the same twitch in my eye that you had. It's gone now... it lasted about 2 weeks. I had a cold, I had strep throat, I have headaches, migraines, and stomach pains.


I guess these are all side effects of the purging of that person and making yourself stronger.

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After 2 months my panic attacks are worse and more frequent. Gave in to going on meds but either they are not helping or they are not right yet. My heart feels like it is beating out of my chest. I want to sleep all the time. The eye twitch lasted a couple weeks then went away. Headaches are frequent. I feel like I have aged in the last two months.

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Just bumping this thread to ask if it's 'normal' to still be feeling physical symptoms 1.5 months after BU? I was doing OK, but then I received a major setback when I found out she's with another guy now. I'm on anti anxiety meds (beta blockers) but I'm still nervous 24/7, panicky, fearful, tired etc. I have the feeling that I've had my cr@p kicked in, I'm emotionally and physically drained. I'm scared this feeling will never go away.

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