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he wont talk to me but he'll do this?


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My ex and i broke up 2 weeks ago today. I have no heard from his since last tuesday when he said we could still talk. If you read my other posts you'll see the breakup with somewhat mutual, we cried hugged kissed held hands all that emotional stuff the day we broke up.


Well, he said when we broke up he wanted to still talk and that he couldnt say goodbye. After bombarding him with text messages he ignores me. Saturday night he went up to my older sister and started talking to her (she doesnt like him at all, and has made that clear) but he still goes up to her, makes small talk, then when she says you should keep in contact with "me" he agrees but says he doesnt want to get sucked back in. Then tells her to tell me that she saw him out and to tell me hi.


The next night i get drunk and end up sending more messages. This was sunday. I have not contacted him since cause im trying to go NC. Yesterday my other sister not the same one, is driving and he honks at her. Hes never been friends with either of my sisters or anything.


Is he trying to get a rise out of me? Why is he talking/honking at my sisters whom he does not even barely know?

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anyone have an opinion?


If I were you, I would ask your sisters not to rely the message, and I would ask them to let him know they aren't going to tell you anything. This is exactly what my ex did with some of my friends and I stopped him right away, letting him know that if he wanted to contact common friends for ANY reason other than me I had absolutely no objection but that I wouldn't allow him to intrude into my life via my friends.


Either a person is in your life or isn't - Yoda would add "there's no trying" ;

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I get the feeling he is just not interested in speaking with you. Now the reasons for that i dont know. But if he finds a time when he wants to talk to you, he most likely will. Constantly sending him messages will not 'speed' things up. I think you really need to let him go. Delete his number from your phone so you dont get the urge to speak to him. If and when he is ready, he will contact you.


Also ask your sisters to not play around with him as it hurts your feelings.

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He also asked how I was doing. I just don't get it. He's such a sweet guy so I wouldn't think he's meaning to hurt me. Im hoping it means he's missing me. Cause he doesn't know my sisters well enough to do anything especially talking to my older Sis he's known she's never liked him.

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