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Just venting. Don't know what to think.


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So I've posted a few threads. 1.5 year relationship ended. Ex bf broke up with me, claiming me didn't love me anymore. Since then a few things have happened. He claimed to have become interested in another girl. Since then, he's hooked up with her but nothing more is happening. She is not interested.


I think he lost interest in our relationship because he thought I lost interest in him. He said sometimes it seemed as though I didn't love him. We didn't have regular sex. We hadn't had it 2 months prior to the breakup.


Anyway, we were both at a nightclub saturday night just gone, had been drinking, and he kissed me twice. Very unexpected. He started texting me the next day. He has initiated IM chat with me every day this week, and we have been speaking a lot. He's admitted to me he still has feelings for me, he misses me, he misses what we had, and he knows he'll regret breaking up one day. But basically, he doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship. Which I take to mean he wants to sleep around. Could this be because he wasn't getting much sex at all from me?


He said tonight that just by what i say to him, he feels like I'm pushing him away, and then pulling him back in, and he's just going with it, and its making it hard on him. He says part of him wants to be back in a relationship with me, but part of him doesn't. I don't know what to do. I want him back. It's been 10 weeks since the breakup.



Maybe I shouldn't speak to him for a while, so he knows what he's missing. Although I was very distant in our relationship, so distance might turn him off even more. Uhh. I dunno I'm so lost.

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