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Can poison ivy (or similar rash) be triggered by stress?

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I have been doing a lot of weeding this past week, but haven't had any poison ivy show up, until suddenly last night. It just appeared in the time span of about five minutes. I NEVER get poison ivy, only one other time. It's all over my face

Could it have been triggered by stress? I was with a group of my boyfriend's friends and they were being really rude and making me mad and stressed out, and I had an argument with my boyfriend on the way home, and when I got home I noticed it was there. It hadn't been there when we left.

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I've got this itching rash on my foot that popped up from nowhere 2 years ago. Coincidentally 2 years ago I started a stressful relationship that brings me both happiness and sadness. I treat it, it goes away, but then it comes back. Could be possible it's stress, but you should see a doctor to be sure.....

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poison ivy takes time to come out as it goes into your bloodstream --- it is not from just rubbing your skin against it. Once in your bloodsteam, you will notice it pops out along a line (vein/capillary).....it will not be affected by stress.


If you have it bad, you might consider seeing a doc and getting cortisone pills.

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The only thing that causes poison ivy is poison ivy. Maybe stress can make it worse, but it cannot trigger it.

Keep in mind that the oils from the poison ivy remain potent for up to a year. You may not have gotten it right away because you may have washed the oils off your skin before it had a chance to affect you. But then maybe you later touched the shoes or gloves you used to weed and then touched your face. This could have transferred the oil to your face. If you didnt wash for a few hours, wallah, you've got poison ivy.

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poison ivy takes time to come out as it goes into your bloodstream --- it is not from just rubbing your skin against it. Once in your bloodsteam, you will notice it pops out along a line (vein/capillary


I do not think this is true at all.

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The only way to get posion ivy is if you make contact with the oil from the leaves of the poison ivy plant. If you were weeding in the garden and touched poison ivy and then touched your face you could get it and it would not take long to show up. Also, you may not have gotten it in the past but with time you may have become more allergic to the oil and now you get it. I would have a doctor look at the rash to determine what it is.



Poison Ivy is indeed caused by skin contact with the plant oil. It does not have to enter the bloodstream for the rash to appear.

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However some people (myself included) get it really, really bad. Once contracted (primarily from contact with the leaf oil) new patches of the rash can appear for weeks and in new places that never had contact with the oil . When that happens it means that the rash did become "systematic" and is in the bloodsteam. It usually happens to those that are allergic and very sensitive to it. I used to get it so badly that I had to get immunizations for it. Once I got the shots I didn't get it as badly.



As others mentioned, it could also be hives.


Another common rash that can be caused by stress, when the immune system is low is pityriasis rosea.

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Poison ivy rash is basically an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the plant, and allergic reactions can come up very fast, within seconds even depending on how allergic you are, but poison ivy usually takes 12-24 hours to show up.


It if it stress related hives, they will usually diminish fairly quickly if you take benadryl or cortisone cream, but poison ivy is pretty persistent and gets worse over time and blisters up and doesn't go away in a day or two.

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Could be shingles. It's a dormant form of chicken pox that can reappear due to stress and sun exposure (sunburn). It's more common in ages 60+ but it can happen to younger people. It caries from a small and relative painless if maybe itchy to a large and very painful rash. It's worth looking into. I think the proper term is herpes zoster, but it's not the same thing as sexually transmitted herpes, just in the same family.


Don't know much aboutpoison ivy, butfigured id throw in my 2 cents.

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Mine was pretty bad and even left scars, I have several small scars down my neck. It is very painful for most people, especially if you apply heat. I also gave my son chicken pox by having Shingles.


Yah, I've heard some cases can get pretty bad. The sores are definitely contageous until they crust over. Guess I got lucky :S

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