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Trying to get her back


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Ok I left my Ex because I suspected she was cheating on me with Ex-husband -he had broke up with his GF and she had told me in the past he txt her to "get some' -I made the mistake of looking on her phone and found deleted txt from him saying "that was incrediable" and "we need to meet again" -she denied it and I left moved out -we had other issues also- Well she gets her mom /dad contacting me telling me do not go over there -threating me -so I stayed away awhile to let things calm down- Well turns out after a week she is dating another guy!

She also lost her job a week after I left -I did send a txt saying sorry about losing your job- I had lunch with her last week to get a few of my things- she said she went to the beach with "friends" (at this point I did not know about other guy) she then calls my ex-wife next to day to say she went with a "hot guy" - seems she uses my ex wife to get msgs to me (I just ignored the hot guy deal-did not txt her) I broke down Sunday sent her a nice email asking her back-she then replys to me saying I am trying to get her and my ex-wife back (not true -ex wife has a bf) -anyway she is with a "rebound guy" from what I can tell -I have started no contact since Monday- she has called me ex-wife (2) this week wanting to know where I live -(she does not know where my apt is) -Told ex-wife not to tell her because I dont know the reason -any chance she will come back with NC

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Welcome to ENA supercat,


right now you seem to be under an intense emotional state.


After a while sit close, take a deep breath and read over your first post here on ENA.


And then ask yourself if you really want such a person back again.


Here to help....if you want to help youself

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Yes - I question why I want her back- I was married/ together with same women for 15 years -she was the first long relationship I had since divorce was with her 14 months- but felt she really does love me she sent me love letters during the relationship saying how she was blessed to have met me and loves me

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