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Why i am afraid of conflicts.


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In my life i have always run away from the places of conflicts. Be it a road accident or some neighbour throwing garbage at my gate. I never resist. I think if i stop people from doing the wrong things then it will lead to big conflicts and violence. Why i am so much scared ?? Is it a right thing to be afraid ?

some time back i hit a person on a bicycle and i was in my care. I quickly ran away. Recently some of my neighbours throw their garbage on the sides of my gate. Sometime back i shouted at one of them but his whole family was in the moods of fighting so a stepped back.

Is this the right attitude ? If its a wrong attitude then can i change it ? I dont think i can change it ? I also do not want to fight with people.

I want to live in peace and want others to stay in peace. Can they not become peaceful by themselves ?

I used to think when i was an adult that i must achieve enlightenment. I must practice yoga, Faith or whatever to see the actual truth. I had a lot of knowledge but no implementations. I am where i was 10 years ago. Still searching for the truth, for the right way to living, for finding if there is a god or not. For finding if fear can end or not.

I am not writing this post to find solutions to the problem but rather understanding the problem itslef. Where is the problem with me ? Or am i a problem myself ? Am i just repeating like a parrot the things others have said ? is not there something of my own ? something that i discovered myself ? Whats the way ? the Path ?

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I like to avoid conflict myself but have learned that in some situations, that is what police are here for. Calling police can lead to trouble also as they cannot be there to help you all the time, but I will not hesitate to make an anonymous call (such as reporting the littering you mention) if it is warranted.


Not sure what you are saying about hitting a person on a bicycle and then running away?

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In my country the system is not so good. The police interferes only in cases if you have political connections. Most of the leaders and police man are corrupt. So if you stand out for something then you need to stand out and fight for a long time.


By running away i meant that, in my country if you hit a person on road then generally he will have an argument with you. He will abuse you and start fighting with you physically. Some of the folks use these kinds of incidents to take money from you. Some of them do all kinds of drama.

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well yes usually i defend myself well. But still i want to avoid the conflicts at all cost. Now i know the way. At the time of writing the post i was a bit low, but now i am fine. See these are smaller issues for which one can either fight or avoid. So when a big problem occurs surely the situaion will make me fight. But overall i think i mmust have an attitude which forget and forgives.

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