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Friendliness or Attraction?

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Been some time since I posted here. I was wondering if I can get some opinions.


I've recently became quite smitten with an old acquaintance. Not sure if she's interested or just being friendly.


Some Background: I was in school with this girl way back in the days, it's been over 10 years until we ran into each other. Back in school we were not really friends, nor did we speak much. I thought she was a twit back then so I never really paid any attention to her, I'm pretty sure she didn't really care much for me back then either; just occasional hellos and that was about it. She was the pretty and popular girl while I only cared about sports and school work.


Near past: About six months ago we ran into each other at a MMA event; we somehow booked the same table. We talked for a little bit and I found she wasn't the twit I thought she was. I found she is as accomplished as I am; we both have good and secure careers and are both homeowners. Still nothing happened as I was just out of a relationship at the time and didn't want to date just yet, so I only added her to my Facebook and that was it, nothing else happened.


Recently: Just last month, I was looking for some play dates for my dogs, so I messaged her and asked if she'd want to bring her dog out to the park. I didn't actually expected an answer from her, it was sort of a polite invite as she had mentioned owning a dog earlier. However, she did respond and gave me her number and said that I could call or text her anytime. Back on this in a moment.


About the girl: She is 29. I have to admit, she is probably the most beautiful girl I know. She has a very close group of friends that she retained from high school. She worked hard and was able to save up and bought a house, while some of her friends were still fooling around with no direction. On top of that she's very nice and friendly and easy to talk to. I'm pretty sure tons of guys would approach all the time. I found out from a mutual friend that she did not date many guys at all and that she had maybe 2 serious relationships. I also found out that she'd been single for the last two years. Either she's really picky or something's wrong haha.


The first play date: Two weeks ago Saturday, we went to the park together with our dogs. The dogs got along great and we ended up spending half the day in the park watching the dogs play and walking along a bike path together. We talked some about the past and about how we got to where we are. We joked about how we're still single and that our friends are all married and that there may be something wrong with us. At first the conversations seemed somewhat awkward, but we got comfortable really quick. At the end of the day, she thanked me a for a great day out. I had other plans that night and she was going to her friend's stagette. I was caught completely off guard, I was expecting just a quick play date for the dogs, but I found her utterly charming. I texted her the following Wednesday thanking her for a great Saturday and invited her out again, and again she came out.


The second play date: Last Sunday we went to the park again with the dogs. This time I was a bit more focused on her to try and see if she was interested in me at all. Again we spent a lot of time out and again it was a lot of fun, the only reason we had to call it was because it started to rain.

There were a few gesture from her that made me think, but they may just be nothing; for example, her dog slobbered on my face, she didn't just simply hand me the towel, she grab it and gently cleaned my face. That made me very happy for some reason, but all I could do was a "thanks".

On our walk, I tried something too; she walked closed to the edge of the path so I gave her a gentle tug and playfully claimed that I just saved her from falling. She didn't come into me as I had hoped, but she didn't repulsed me either, just smiled and thanks.

I texted her the following day and said I had a great time and she had made my day. This time she did not respond, so I was thinking maybe it was just a friendly thing for her and that I'm trying to read into something that's not there.


So that's my story. What do you guys/girls think? Do I have something there or am I too bind now to see things clearly?

Usually when I'm interested in someone, I draw up a game plan and was pretty good at carrying it through. This time I'm at a complete loss for some reason. I can't gauge if she's interested or not and now I'm not quite sure of what to do next. I don't want to just bluntly ask her, that could scare her off or it could make me seem like the other 100 D-bags out there going after her, but I don't want to do nothing and have her think I just want to be friends.


thanks for listening. Sorry about the wall of text.

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I'm with Capricorn3. If she is the type who has serious relationships only (as in she isn't a serial dater obviously) then she is probably the type who goes slow or is not as accustomed to dating as others (perhaps focused too much on her career in between relationships?) - meaning her body language and signals may be off, stilted or simply confusing. I know I can be like that quite often, especially when I am still not sure how I feel or how genuine the guy's affections are.


You said she is absolutely gorgeous but you also said she is driven which to me suggests she is life-smarter than your average girl. She isn't going to fall for the first guy who gives her sweet words and bat their lashes at her.


Perhaps wait and see if she responds, if she doesn't then ignore her until your next dog date then see how she acts?


As Capricorn3 posted don't push it - hell perhaps let her set the pace a little too.

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Dont get the wrong impressions dued. She is only interested in freindship with you right now. She thinks that you are a harmless person and a good guy to hang out with. She is a person who likes maturity in her relationships and not the types who falls for a guy within one or two dates. When you texted her that 'She made your day', you gave vibes like you are soon going to be turned into a possesive boyfriend.

My suggestion : Go slowly, develop friendship and after some time make her miss you, then finally propose. But also keep in mind you could hurt yourself in this game if she does not approve of you.

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I am really curious how the story is going to end. I would say, that the whole "cleaning your face situation" is a big sign, that she like you. But maybe you have scared her off by the hug and than the last text? It seems a bit too much after two friendly meetings.


Just as everyone else has advised: wait couple of days and invite her for another walk with the dogs. Good luck!

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Success!!! Haha!

I thought for sure that Rahulrock was right and she just wanted to be friends, but fortunately it turned out way better


She called on Friday, not text, called.


Again we're at the park. This time felt different, I felt a bit of tension and our conversation seemed a bit awkward. The dogs were happily playing as usual, totally oblivious the situation.

Our conversation stalled completely, I was searching my brain as best I could to find something to say. As soon as I recovered some semblance of composure, I notice we were standing really really close, and she was looking up at me. At this point I was thinking, "Yup, gotta do something about this!", so I just said her name, then silence, then still keeping eye contact, she asked if I had something to tell her. I didn't say anything, I just took her hands and we shared a kiss. After during our walk, this time holding hands hehe, she commented on how she was really nervous and was impressed at how calm I was; not sure if she was talking about me, I thought my heart had exploded haha. I found out later that she had always found me attractive and that some of her friends had coached her on what to do haha.


My God, I'm 30 and still not good at this sort of thing, shameful... acting like a stupid kid.


Thanks guys, I find reading posts on this forums helps a lot.

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