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Bachelorette Party Dilemma!

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Hello All,


I am getting married to my high school sweetheart this October. I live in Los Angeles, and we are having a small wedding of about 40 people. Almost all of my guests will be coming from out of town, including my bridesmaids and maid of honor.


At this point, I have decided not to have a Bridal Shower because I understand that you do not invite people to a Bridal Shower that are not invited to the wedding. Because I only have about 20 guests I can invite, none of my local friends will be invited because my family gets first dibs.


With that being said, I still reallllllllly wanted to have a bachelorette party. Even though my bridesmaids and maid of honor are not local, they are all teenagers because they are my baby sisters and could not really do much because they are under age.


I was considering having a weekend in Las Vegas and inviting a few of my closer friends, letting them know that I am having a small wedding, that I would love to invite them, but I cannot, and that I wanted to celebrate my bachelorette party with them.


I have read read a couple forums that say it is ok to have a bachelorette party and not invite them to the wedding, and others say that if they are invited to the bachelorette party then they must be invited to the wedding. I do not know what to do. What do you think?


To be honest, at this point, it looks like I cant have a bridal shower, possibly no bachelorette party, and there is a great, almost 100% possibility I will not be having a honeymoon either. It is very frustrating and I am just trying to make something happen.


Thanks for you advice in advance.


Confused and frustrated bride to be.

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