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Do I need help?


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I feel like I can't enjoy life because of various thoughts that stay in my head. I am reluctant to seek professional help because I feel like talking about it will not just make it go away. I thought I'd try talking about it here to see what others thought and if they could relate.


First off, I've spent majority of my life scared of my mom dying. These were thoughts I had starting at a young age. I remember bring about 3rd grade age and crying/telling my mom one night that I did not want her to die. There would be times where the thoughts were worse than other times and I would cry myself to sleep. I considered speaking with my doctor about a possible Xanax prescription.


Here recently I've been scared to get married and then have kids because I guess it's like an "end" to live or it's closer to the end of my life, etc. I've always been very excited to get married until just recently.


I'm also 23 years old and about to graduate college if that makes a difference.


Can anyone else relate? Advice?

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It sounds like you have lived your life in your head instead of enjoying it.


Thoughts are exactly that, thoughts. They are not reality and they do not define your life. You cannot stop those thoughts but you can dismiss them.


You are strong enough to have the thought but continue on and not dwell. There is no need of professional help in my view because like you said you are graduating college so your life is still moving. Do talk to someone; a friend or family member. But remember they are only thoughts. You created them and YOU CAN dismiss them in order to be happy.


Hope you can get better

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I think it would be worth talking to a professional about. You are right, talking about it isn't just going to make it go away. However, they can help you to find the root of what is causing all this fear and help you find strategies to overcome it. It will help you understand yourself better.

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In all honesty, I doubt that most of us here online are even half as qualified as a professional to deal with your issues. Since you are going to grad school, you should appreciate the training that the professionals have gone through. They would be able to help you better than any online resource would - not knocking online forums like this one but for serious issues, it's best to start with your local professionals since they will also be able to guide you to local support groups. For these issues, you need face to face support. Do the right thing and put some trust in the professionals.

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