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Question About Female Orgasms


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Okay we're Lost on this one.


So during the Weekend My Fiance and I were doin' Our thing. Now Were not the type to rush things, And one of these.. Encounters? typicly goes on for 2-4 Hours with Plenty of Teasing and playing during that time before the main event. Any ways, This past weekend we went on for near 6hrs (we slept late and had lotsa coffe OKAY!? Lol) Any ways Whilst wrapping things up with a particularly enjoyable Oral session I was Taken by total surprise when se went off like a cannon (Ie Squirting)


I was wondering what would cause her to do this NOW? I have no problem with it just somewhat supprised by it. We have been physical for quite some time now And Altho she normally has rather wet Orgasms (even the ocasional Sprits') i was never expecting that I just can't for the life of me figure out what made that particular time result in that when many others hadn't? Is it related to the "build up" or abnormally long teasing and foreplay?

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Well thats good then.

Afterwards we looked at eachother and were like "uhm.. Yeah.. Okay then..." total shocker to us

From what i have read, the female ejaculate is for those times when her orgasm is exceptionally big and explosive. If you managed to get her to this stage, grats.


OH and very few women are capable of doing this apparently.

I do like to pide myself on thinking i go out of my way to do as best i can for her

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Woo hoo!


Believe me, that was a wet, sticky bit of applause! You're both very fortunate to have found that particular level of intimacy and release. As you seemed to guess, long sessions of foreplay and lovemaking (such as you had that day) are one of the best ways to "wake up" that particular response. It is unusual, as mouseno4 said, and do be aware that once that dam is broken (pun intended) there's a tendency for it to continue.


My romantic term for ladies who are able to do this is "rainmakers". Feel free to use it if you like it Oh, and if you weren't doing intercourse when it happened, give that a try next time once she gets going; it feels amazing from both ends! Oh, and invest in towels if you don't want to soak your mattress. We use cheap shower curtains from the dollar store under the sheet to protect the bed....


Light and laughter,


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I do this routinely, but never have with partners. I'm admittedly self-conscious about it. For years, I associated my most intense orgasms with peeing--which doesn't bother me much if I'm masturbating, but I was always wary of grossing out the guys I was with, so I guess I held back.

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