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Recently, I got out my pull up bar, started eating better.... And I feel so different in my level of confidence right now that I know in a few weeks when I see her... She'll be the one realizing that more than I will. Confidence is attractive... Being a little whiny girl, "wah wah- why can't we make this work!?" ... Isn't.


That's not who she met. You go out right now and show that side to girls or guys. How many people will you interest or intrigue. Think of day 1 w her... She wants that confidence back. People have a set of their own problems... To be bothered with your insecurities of rejection and being alone should not be one of them. Grow a sack, man up, be you. Be a better you. She loved original you... Old you + change = hot. Old you + guilt trips on staying with current you= barfalicious.


Come get me, baby.

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That is exactly what I'm thinking. I still want to call her or write her a letter REALLY BAD right about now though. I recently put together a hardcore workout and nutrition plan. By the time I get back to college in August I will be in the best shape of my life and she'll notice whenever she sees me. I'm sure my confidence will be through the roof also. Although, I'm not getting my hopes up that this will actually make a difference whatsoever once we run into each other and chat.

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