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how do i let a girl i like know subtly that i like them


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I like this girl who i see around sumtimes and i really like her but i dont know what to do. i dont know if she likes me and ive tried to become friends with her to get to know her more. Now that we are friends, how do i let her no that i like her without making me look bad or ruining our frendship if ya know wat i meen?


Also although i can talk to girls fine, i find that evrytime im with her i get very self conscious. what can i do about this?

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Try not focusing so hard on the fact that you like her when you are around her. When you do this you begin to overthink the situation and expressing yourself can become awkward and difficult. If she senses your uneasiness she will become uncomforrtable.


One day while you are having a regular conversation with her, just say that you enjoy the company and if she is interested in taking the friendship further. Let it happen naturally and you will be more at ease. If she accepts, take things slowly. If she declines, say that you appreciate her honesty and hope you can remain friends.


All in all, be yourself.


Until we meet again...

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