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Does she like me or is she playing games?


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So I've known this girl for a few years now. She knows I like her, because I told her a while back, but I haven't talked about it anymore since then. She told me she does not feel the same way in return, but every other month, her reason changes. Her last reasoning for not feeling the same is because I have been " mean " and " cold " with her lately. She said she doesn't know if she can be with a guy who treats her this way. And by " mean " and " cold ", she only means during arguments. Which, MOST people, I would assume, are usually this way during heated arguments. She tells me she likes everything about me, besides that one aspect toward her.


Her and I were very close at one point, but after that, things sort of went sour. She knew I had higher expectations for her, due to my feelings, and she also had high expectations for me because I was very close to her. We fought a lot over petty things, but sometimes it would get to a point where I told her I didn't want to be her friend anymore. It appeared she used to play mind games and execute manipulation tactics, which messed with my head a little bit, but also made me upset and frustrated.


Side note: We talk mostly through text\phone and online, but see each other a few times a month


We used to see each other every week almost, until things went sour. But after our endless nights of arguments, we haven't been at a good state in a while, therefore resulting in see each other less.


About a week or so ago, I decided to go no contact ( after another argument ), and she sort of flipped out. I didn't answer her calls or texts. She ended up showing up at my house UNINVITED. When she was here, I still wasn't budging at all, and sort of acted cold. Toward the end, she started crying, which was the first time I've seen her cry EVER in the years I've known her. After a little while, I held her for a bit, and we ended up moving on from that and trying again. She says that to ever consider me as relationship material, we would both have to prove to each other that we can be in a good state for a semi-long period of time. Usually we can't go a few weeks without arguing, but she said if we were good for a couple of months with no major arguments, she will most likely feel different.


So I ended up seeing her a few days ago. I have mostly been the one to set up days to hang out, but this time, it was her doing ( I was surprised ). We had a fairly good time. Went to dinner for a few hours then sat in my car for a few more hours listening to music, joking, laughing, etc. One thing we did talk about was her and I having sex in the near future ( which she never agreed to before ). She basically stated if we stay good, we would hang out more. And she would then feel more comfortable, and we would most likely get physical. She still claims to not have feelings for me, but I beg to differ. I think she won't admit it due to the whole " I have the power as long as I don't admit it " concept. I could be wrong, but every one of her actions speaks otherwise.


Sorry for the lengthy post, but if anyone has comments, suggestions and/or advice, please let me know.



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