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I recently started getting highly sentimental because of stuff i hadto go threw and it impacted my relationship..

id cry over any little comment and take everything in the wrong way and it finally started to frustrate my boyfriend. For the Past 3 weeks he has been distant and not really paying attention to me, ill tell him i love him and sometimes he wont respond, he has stopped hugging me he barely kisses me anymore and when i ask him if he can tell me nice things he'll respond with "i cant think of anything". He finally told me he was like that because i changed and cry over any little thing so i offered to try to be less moody he didnt really care..

i havent shown any emotions to him whatsoever but hes still distant... He told me its not the same because im only doing it by force and not naturally.So far nothing has cheered him up. i havent slept for a week already i cant stop thinking trying to find a way to fix this.

What should i do to get things normal again?I dont believe i deserve him because i cant seem to make him happy but then again he has been treating me a bit bad so idk ...please help me decide...

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I applaud you for at least trying to mend your relationship. Most people here would have advised you to end it well before that.


Sadly it is obvious that he is just not interested in you. For what reason, i cannot tell. Perhaps you have changed, perhaps he has, perhaps there is another girl... nobody except him and perhaps you would know.


I would say, that simply because the love is one direction, the relationship is pretty much over.

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Looks to me like there are 2 issues: you acknowledge that you have been very emotional which may have been driving a wedge between you; and his inability to get past this and get back to having a normal, loving relationship.


Personally I have my doubts about whether it's actually your behaviour that's causing him to behave this way, seems like he's trying to punish you - which needless to say shouldn't be a part of any relationship. You should probably go and speak to someone about your emotional problems, though someone else can advise about this stuff as I don't have a clue, and "therapy" isn't very common here in the UK. Having made a start on that, and assuming you actually want to go out with this guy, you can say that you realise your emotions were causing some problems, but you've taken x step to resolving it, and you really need him to be the supportive boyfriend he once was.


How old are you guys by the way?

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How long have you been going out? I suspect not very long.


If you haven't been going out very long, he thinks that this behaviour is who you are. That you are naturally a very emotional person who cries a lot. Unfortunately, when people have made judgements against you, it's very hard to turn that around.


If you have been going out a long time (a few years), then either you really ARE like that normally and the past three weeks were not 'strange' for you, just worse. Or you aren't like that at all and he's being completely unreasonable.


At the end of the day, it takes two people to enter a relationship and one person to break it up. If he's passed judgement, there is not much you can do. I'd just continue to give him a bit of space and try to watch your emotions around him...


But... do you even want to be with someone who can't understand that you've been going through something? What happens the next time a tragic life event happens? Will he completely bail?


He has stuff to consider (whether or not you are like that all the time) - but I think you have stuff to consider too (whether or not he is a supportive and understanding person).

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