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Boyfriend meeting your friends.


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Hi everyone,


So tomorrow night a few of my close friends and I are going out for sushi. I decided that I want to bring my boyfriend along. How should I act as far as balancing friends/boyfriend?


And if my boyfriend doesn't like my friends? Kinda nervous about mixing them but we've been together for 3 months already and he's never met any of my friends. I've met a few of his friends--my boyfriend and I are just polar opposites so I think that's why we've put it off so much (my friends are nerdy, his are badass hardcore partiers).


Any general advice about how to handle the situation would be appreciated.

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Well...wait a minute...your not introducing his friends to your friends. This is just introducing your guy to him. I think if he just acts natural, if you both do, it will be fine. Don't over-do the affection...i.e. don't make out in front of them first go...it can be intimidating. Also...make sure that your friends are a mixture? Like for myself...I mainly have girlfriends...so when he meet my friends on the odd time he was the only guy there. But he handled it pretty well.

Just go with the flow. You'll be right.

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