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Want to change careers, burnt out!

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I have had the same job for 14 years. Times were good back when I started and I worked in an office with lots of people, lots going on, I thrived.

Years later and many changes in company, downsizing etc. I am working from a home office and am bored out of my mind. Time for a change.


Last year I applied to take the real estate course. It took me six months to finish all the small exams and I just wrote the exam. No word yet as to

if I passed or not. I may not know for another week. I felt that this would be a good career move for me as I have been in sales most of my life,

just not houses.


Thinking about my financial situation it will be a big risk for me to enter this career. I am a single parent, kids in late teens, and only have the one income.

As I work from home I can work in real estate as my at home job really works out to part-time. This career does not come cheap and I don't have enough

money as it is. There will be expenses, how will I afford them? Should have thought of that one, don't have credit cards or a line of credit anymore.


Three days ago, saw a job in the paper with good money that I think I would be great at, unrelated to sales but it would be stimulating and enjoyable.


Problem, if I apply and get it, bye bye real estate career, all my hard work as the advertised job will be full time.


What to do. Should I apply for the job that interests me? I have to apply by tomorrow. I am not sure if I will even get it but if it is offered to me and

I find out I did pass the real estate exam I will have to chose. It's a great opportunity, solid, long term with benefits. Real Estate is not so solid

given the economy but I do love the industry and think I would make a good realtor.


I guess I need some feedback as I can't see the forest for the trees.


Should I wait to see if I passed the exam, or should I apply for this full time job anyway just in case?



Coastal Girl


(I'm in my early 50's with no interest in retiring, ever)

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Absolutely apply!


Taking that other job does not necessarily mean that you can't do real estate anymore. I know plently of people who do real estate on the side. It's very much an evening and weekend career. Most people looking for homes have jobs as well and cannot conduct this search during the week. It's on the weekends that they are looking at houses, etc. Besides... you don't even know if you will like it.


As another poster said, there's no harm in applying. You can also do real estate part time while deciding if it's for you. Once you have confidence/experience, you can switch to it full time.

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