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How to deal with hot and cold girls?


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Part of this is for me to vent and to calm my nerves.


I had this crush on this girl at work and sometimes we get along great and sometimes she is rude as hell. She gets under my skin and the last time was the last straw. I've had it with this girl. I work with her and will still have some interaction with her but I'm trying to learn how to deal with her hot and cold tendencies.


The last time she was rude and I'm still upset with her. I don't want to talk to her.


But what gets me is I allowed this girl to get under my skin.

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its always tough working with people you don't get along with. I would just say try to ignore her. I know, easier said than done. If that doesn't work, maybe ask her about it, why she is being different toward you? Her moods might not even have anything to do with you, maybe she is dealing with other stuff at home or something?

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