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How can i break out of this shy shell once and for all!!


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Hello everyone here is my story. I am 20 years and currently gonna be a junior at Uconn, i went to a Comunnity college so this is my 1st time living on campus. I have had 3 GF's before in my life and i am still a virgin and still unexpiernced in many ways. I am a good looking kid but i just am not confident enough to just walk up to a random girl and say hey, or your cute, etc. I have this bad habbit of just letting the girls do the 1st move and i expect them all to walk up to me and say hey whats your facebook or number,etc. All my friends try to hook me up with random girls like they walk up to them and say hey my friend thinks your cute and i get so emabarss i just walk away. today for example at Six flags my best friend and his uncle saw these 2 gorgeous blond girls sitting next to us in a bathing suit and they just kept saying excuse my friend here (meaning me) thinks your cute, and they all smiled and kept staring at me prob cause i do have a six pack but idk the reason i think girls think i am hott but i am just a negative person and they prob did but i just walked away and i regret it. How can someone like me who girls find attractive alot but is just way to shy. I have been told i am rly quiet and i am. Only my Ex gf i was never shy or talking to girls online or video chat i am not shy but when it comes to talking in person i just dont know what to say and it makes my time and a girls time not fun. How can i be more conifdent in myself and not think every girl is way to gorgeous for me and how can i make the 1st move , talking, kissing, etc. You can say my Ex GF who i was gonna loose my virginity to and she was gonna loose it to me screwed me over and dumped me and now she is gonna loose it to him and left me hanging. i understand some girls find it cute i am a virgin but this stops me from approaching girls because they all had sex and i never did. I know i will go to alot of partys and this the time to nut up or shut up. i want to approach a girl and dance and be like a normal guy and not just sit at a party bored and misserible. help me??

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It sounds like you really want to "lose" your virginity, and that you make a lot of judgements based on peoples looks. If you want to get laid find a drunk girl at 2am. If you want real advice, start thinking more about who you really are. Find a girl with a sparkle in her eyes, and a laugh that sounds like music to you. Get to know her (any old way is fine). And "give" your virginity to someone you love, who loves you.


Also, your friends who call you out need to work on their game. Quit putting up with that.


Talking to someone is simple. Practice smiling and making eye contact on ur way to class. Then say hi. Just do it. Don't even break stride. Just smile and say hi. 1 person. 5 people. 10 people. Say it to tall gangly chicks. Say it to fat guys. Say it to hot girls, butter faces, and four eyes. Just practice. Eye contact, smile, hi.

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That technique really does work. It's a subliminal thing. Just smile at people you walk by. Anybody and everybody. Then start to say a quick "hi" as you walk by. You'll be surprised at people's reaction. Most are friendly and will smile and many will say hi back. That really helps your subconscious readjust itself to thinking that it's not certain death to talk to somebody you don't know. It sounds trivial, but it's a big first step. There isn't a light switch fix for this one. It's done with baby steps.

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