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Got a job offer but don't know if I should take it; Cashier to Car Salesman?

Sam _

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My current job is as a cashier and I actually enjoy my job. Management has repeatedly stated that I am one of the best they have in the store; they pay me $8.05 per hour. Over the summer I get around 35 hours every week, I always make at least $350 every two weeks. All of it goes right to bills with the exception of $100, half of which goes to gas.


I went into a car dealership to find a used car, mostly just looking. I mentioned to the man I was looking for something more professional looking but not over the top. We talked a little and I eventually mentioned I am planning on rising to management but am currently just working my way up the lower ranks because I want to earn my spot. It turned out that the man I was talking to was the manager of the dealership; apparently he liked the way I talked and carried myself because he offered me a job full-time at 40+ hours per week. Minimum wage ($7.25 per hour)+commission. Told me the first two months is a mandatory scheduling of hours that will get me $500 per week. He is unwilling to work with Target and it is sounding like it is pretty much them or Target.


Selling cars is new territory for me and, while I am confident in my ability to sell, I do not want to take a job that I will not enjoy. Also, if I fail in selling cars, there is a possibility in me being terminated so I basically lost two good jobs. I am seriously not sure of what to do here. It is the same distance from my house to both. I want the job but I don't know if it is too risky, this is the first time I've ever had anything like this happen.

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I would take the chance! It seems as if there is more opportunity to make money in the car sales job. If it doesn't work out, due to your high level if skill as a cashier, I think it would be very easy to either get your old job back or find a similar job


What sort of entitlements would you be looking at receiving if you stayed in your current job?


Would you consider asking for a pay rise to stay at your current workplace?

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The only thing I would be losing is set hours, a higher hourly pay, and a 10% discount of everything. I take a lot of pride in my work and they are extremely busy right now, so I feel maybe I should have a discussion with my store manager. He and I actually get along really well.

Asking for a pay raise wouldn't do much for me but put it out there. I just got a $0.50 raise from evaluations less than two months ago.


Should I discuss this with my manager? If the car dealership doesn't work, I want to be sure I still have a spot if I come back.

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I don't think there's anything to lose from discussing it with your manager. Honesty will give you the best chance of being able to return in future. Your manager is human, and he WILL understand that as an adult you have financial responsibilities (as he/she does) and frankly it sounds like you are working very hard and just scraping by.. You are driven and motivated and deserve more than what you're getting.


A 50cent payrise is not anything you should be feeling loyal about!! I get angry when I hear minimum wages in other countries, in Australia the adult minimum wage (over 21 years old) would be something like $16.. Someone correct me if I'm wrong..

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My concern is that - how many other sales people are there? Remember you will be competing with them to get customers. Most car places have their sales staff sign in each day and the first one there gets the first person looking and then down the line (others may do it by senority)... unless of course you have someone who specifically asks for you.


Did you ask him how many cars he has sold each month over the last 6 months? How long the average car stays on the lot? What if there isn't that much turn over at this dealership?


Sales is a tough job. How much do you really know about cars? Car brands? Car models? You'll spending a great deal of your time on educating yourself. How much special training is this guy willing to provide for you? If you don't know what you are talking about it will show and turn off potential buyers.


Target will not hold your job for you. But, it wouldn't hurt to ask your manager if there is a manager's training program there you might qualify for.


It sounds like you are living paycheck to paycheck. If you suddenly lost all income because the new job didn't work out do you have any savings to fall back on while you looked for a new job - and keep in mind the jobless rate is about 9% on average right now. Does Target provide you with any other benefits - like paid time off? sick leave? insurance? Believe or not you need to figure this into your weekly wages. I up my husband's hourly wage by 25% because he gets outstanding benefits.


So if times weren't so tough I'd yeah... go for it... but in this economy its prudent to look at all angles.

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I just took two weeks vacation, got back four days off. My bank account has enough for my next insurance payment but not my bills but close. So I have no more vacation time left. Can't afford insurance or anything. I already asked for management training and they said that he can't give that to me because I've only been there for 9 months.

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I just took two weeks vacation, got back four days off. My bank account has enough for my next insurance payment but not my bills but close. So I have no more vacation time left. Can't afford insurance or anything. I already asked for management training and they said that he can't give that to me because I've only been there for 9 months.


Okay -


So you have been there 9 months... yup that's a little too soon for management track BUT, did you ask at what point that becomes a possibility? Is it just 1yr or 2yr? I mean if its just 1 then you are almost there. You also just took a two week vacation... was any of it paid time off from Target?


Maybe you need to speak to the guy at the dealership again and ask the questions I mentioned before jumping ship at Target. As I said... it may be a good thing for the first 2 to 4 weeks but what if sales slow down??? Again, with no seniority you would be the first one cut loose. The thing is that places get busy... they hire workers... it slows down... they let workers go. I would want to know their sales per month and see if its consistent before agreeing to take a job there. Again, I will stress that sales jobs are long hours and hard work. What kind of benefits will this guy offer you? Paid time off (not likely in the sales industry)... insurance (also not very likely.)


Your manager likes you at Target right? What about his manager? Other area managers? If you really want management track at Target the key will be networking... knowing who's who.

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The manager I am talking about is the store manager; the district manager rarely ever comes around and I never get the chance to even see him let alone meet him.


It becomes a possibility 2 years. The time off was unpaid, I had to leave for a funeral. I don't mind long hours or hard work, and we didn't talk benefits. I'm planning on going back on Thursday to shadow (unannounced and unpaid, but a couple salesmen know I'm coming) and on Friday since I have those days off. Anything specific I should ask my store manager?

I plan on asking the dealership manager several questions as well on Thursday and Friday.

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You can let your manager know you were offered a sales job but quite honestly you just got $0.50/hr raise - which is nothing to scoff at. Target is corporate and the jobless rate is very high right now - I'm sorry to say that you are very much replaceable no matter how good you or your manager thinks you are. I doubt there is much your manager can do other than wish you luck in your new venture. He has quotas to meet as well.


2yr is not that long of a wait for a managerial track. What kind of benefits do you get if you get accepted? That's something to think about too because at your sales job your only pay increases will be to sell more cars... and that is dependent on the market you are in. Working for a national company will give the ability to move within the company to another state/location if you should need to relocate.


Good Luck in whatever you decided to do.

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