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I've meet someone...

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...last friday having mutual friends, we hit it off pretty good, asked her number and will soon be going on a date. Im feeling good about this, smiley and relaxed about it.

Im 6 months into my breakup and although sometimes i wonder through the past im certain that the worst has passed. I know its probably to soon but i plan to just take it easy and see what happens.


I do think im ready for that because i finally feel "confy" in my own skin and confident, what do you think? advices?




EDIT: ofc im posting this under "Healing After Break Up or Divorce"

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You are the best judge, because it's not really about how much time has passed since a breakup but about how ready you FEEL to move on and get to know someone else.


For some people it can take years, others weeks and for you, maybe six months!


Good luck!

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