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Stop Being a -----


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Seriously. When she met you, is this who you were? Would you have dated her if she were being as weak as you were? She wants to be with you- she wouldn't have dated you otherwise. Start doing pull ups and pushups. Regain your self confidence, for lack of better instructions... Read the title. This is about you being comfortable with yourself and not making her feel like your dependence depends on her. If you've gone through this before- you know that it doesn't.

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I agree with this (especially before they edited the thread title).


Be the person you were when you won her to begin with. You were probably with her so long that you forgot what it was like before she came along. Life was fine before her, and it will be fine after.


It hurts, but it's time to stop being a * * * * * and take control of getting someone like her again.

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