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Pushed him away..


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Stting here trying to convince myself I shouldnt be sad about this guy. But I am.. a little bit after the "where are we going with this talk" he got distant. Then instead of being smart and letting him come around . I text n called ..blah blah... so the other day I just asked him. Would he rather not see me again? and he responded that I have just been " blowing him up and its kinda pushing him away." So I told him you have my number... enjoy ur day.


So now Im pacing thinking is he going to call? text ? Its only been a day and I know in my heart if this guy really wanted me he would take a breather and get back to me by the end of the week. But Im damn near pulling my hair out...


What if he doesnt? ugh.. advice.. sane words... help!

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Blunt alert:




You know this isn't how you should be spending your valuable time and energy. Put the phone down and do something else ... anything else. It'll feel forced for a while, but you can't just sit there and wonder if he's going to get in contact with you. Give yourself a break. Call a friend and go hang out.


To be honest, I think if you do hear from this guy again it will probably be a while. You did nothing "wrong", but your actions were not to his specific tastes so I would assume that you won't hear from him for a good, long time. Treat it as if he's gone and just move on. That way, if he does get back in contact, it will be a pleasant surprise.


Take it as a lesson learned: Trying to force someone to think/act/feel the way you want them to almost always ends up backfiring.

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