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trying to figure out what it all means!


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so i know i have recently submitted a post on this. In the last post i talked about my guy renovating his sound system and taking my opinion in consideration greatly. I thought maybe this was hinting at something like down the road he may ask to move in. My dilemma now is as follows: He has decided to do some molding on the walls ( hard to explain) and we had agreed on a color, i come over and we both decide it looks best in white. When i told him my opinion he says " thank god you like the white, if you didn't i would have to paint it the other color and that would take more time." Another situation is in his bedroom he wants to do this detailing on the wall that i absolutely love and he knows because he has heard me comment on that when we see it in pictures or out. He goes " I have a surprise but dont wanna tell you til its done" and he says that it is something that I love. Well long story short is he told me because he wants me to help pick out the colors.


My question is now: It isn't normal for a guy to remodel his apartment taking into consideration their girlfriends opinions if they didnt have intentions of having me move in. Thoughts? Am i overthinking it?

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Yes, you're overthinking it. It's normal for someone in a relationship to ask for the opinion of their partner on an important matter and take it into consideration, just take it as it is- a nice, sweet gesture from your boyfriend that you should be thankful for.

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