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Was I too jealous or was the way she was enough for anyone to worry?


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I was with someone for 18 months. She told me she had cheated on her previous boyfriend of ten years at least 3 times, one sexually, because she was going through a bad time. This worried me. She also lied to me when I asked if any of those people had been someone we work with, as I later found out one of them was.


Other things she did in our time together


1. Booked a holiday with two single mates to a party resort and went out dressed up looking for attention

2. Had a male friend she talked to often who by her own admissions fancied her


She was just the type of girl who did enjoy male attention, she said her ex never gave her affection hence why it ended


She saud she was raped when younger and was constantly at the doctors. She also never discussed feelings and would never admit she was wrong.


She dumped me as she said I was too insecure as we argued about some of these things. Was I put of line to be worried and a bit insecure about this or is that normal? She's made me kind of feel like being that way is how all girls are?



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Yeah she used to say I just know id never cheat again I just don't like the feeling. It's hard to explain but she just liked male attention. She never outwardly would say it but things she did were to get that attention. She was so caring but one other thing I noticed about her was all she wanted to do wS please other people, she liked to be wanted/needed by people.

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i don't think either of those things necessarily are reasons to be concerned. it depends on how your relationship was.


she can still love you and stay faithful to you while going on holidays will her single friends. how she dresses is how she dress, when women go to nightclubs they dress sexy. having a bf doesn't mean they should change what they wear.


having a friend who fancies her, whom she speak to reg all depends on the content of their conversation and just how regular and through what means. if its flirty or sexual, i would be not be down with that, but if its just friendly and its a case of mild ego boosting and its all transparent, i wouldn't care too much. again how i would feel would all depend on how our relationship was and how she felt about me.

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I wouldn't bother analyzing your relationship with this one very much. She cheated on her previous LTR. She craved male attention. She went on holiday with two guys (or girl friends?) dressed for trouble. She hung out with a guy friend that she knew had the hots for her.


If you put up with that for a year and a half, I don't think you have jealousy issues.

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