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back pain and how much time to heal

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This weekend I had a great weekend. Did my level 7 jump (which consists of barrel rolls, back flips, and some other stuff). Passed it on 1st try


Bad thing is that I had a HARD landing. I think I did something too early and fell down (about 6 ft) hard onto my butt. My lower back is now really in pain. I can walk and drive, but am taking ibu to take away the pain and soreness of the lower back.


Has anybody ever fallen down and hurt their lower back? If so, how long did it take you to heal up. I am hoping to be better by this upcoming weekend since I want to do my last level jump and graduate onto doing solos (only have to do 5 solos before getting licensed) Yay!!!!!

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6'? Ouch! Do you have swelling or bruising? Chances are it's okay but if it gets worse or the pain is persistent I'd get it checked out. That's a pretty long fall!


Grats btw. Doing great!


No swelling or bruising from what I can see. I have been putting heat packs on it which helps, and last night I put some medicated pad on it which was nice.


If it is still hurting like this by end of week, I will probably make an appt to see a doc.

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OG, thanks for the congrats.


I hurt my tailbone last weekend when I slid in my landing (in a sandy, rocky patch). Ouch!!! Tailbone still is pretty sore.


This time, the pain is centered in my lower back. It hurts when I sit and when I walk. I've been taking ibu for it to dull the pain. Don't want to take anything too strong right now.


On Sat, when I came in for my landing, I did something a little too early and fell down about 6ft, HARD onto my butt. The pain was soo bad then that I couldn't stand up right away. Scared some people because I couldn't get up right away.

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Give it a couple of days and see if the pain greatly reduces. It could just be sore muscles. Other than that, ICE. Heat makes the muscles feel better, but it increases blood flow which actually promotes swelling. When you are home, you should do twenty minutes of icing followed by twenty minutes without it and just keep repeating the pattern.

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I ended up going to see my GP yesterday, mainly because most of my friends were urging me to get my back checked out before jumping again.


Got an x-ray and it seems I strained some muscles in my lower back, as well as bruised my tailbone. I got some Vicodin and a muscle relaxant to help me. The Vicodin and muscle relaxant make me really sleepy .


The consensus is that I should wait till I am pain free before I jump again. It might take a week or more. I'm a bit frustrated because I am soooo close to being able to do solo jumps, but this will push things back a bit.


I do know though, it is better to wait until I am free from pain before jumping. I really don't want to take chances with my back since that can lead to paralysis if I hurt myself again.

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