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how do i gather the strenghth and passion i once had


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al be celebrating my 20th birthday ths july bt honestly i ave nothing to celebrate for; ave been sik almost my whole life with what the doctor describes as 'nt yet clear'. he says its a problem on my head and phychological as well..i can jst collapse or loss my memory when the headache starts...bt thats the list of my problem, am used to the pain, the problem is that i lost the strength to strive through life,am a fashion student and supposed to complete my course this year but am not in school and the passion to work hard is no more. i need to get back on my feet but i dont knw where and how to put my sickness aside and focus on my future..plz advice guyz.....


al appreciate it

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I'm not qualified to help you on your health but at least I can say do everything in your power to keep as healthy as possible (diet, exercise, lose the bad habits). As for the passions, you really have to discover what they are for you. I think you have to sit down and think really deep on what things you really want to do in life. Go back to your childhood to see if there are any patterns. Once you realize what they are, and if you make plans to actively pursue them, your entire life perspective changes. And that's what you want, right?

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