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Are these getting back together books on the net worth buying


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I'm just wondering if anyone has actually bought one of these win your ex back books and whats in them.


They claim to give you tips that will not fail. I don't believe this. They just milk your desperation for money.


The best tips about all you can really do are on here, and in the end the decision is still outwith your control.


As often said on here, improve yourself and do it for yourself.


Yes I'm still in great pain almost a year on now. Intrigued to what is on these books though ;0)

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They're not worth it. I haven't read any, because I got brain, and I figured that it's impossible there's anything worth the money.


And as for buying books go, if unsure, there's a lot of books scanned into pdf. You just have to find them and download them.

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I've got 'How do I get him back' by Bob Grant. This book is for women, and he basically runs down why men leave, what the women may have done wrong, myths about men, telling a woman to communicate from her feelings (or intuition is how I interpreted it), a basic action plan, and some advice which is pretty similar to something from 'Why Men Marry * * * * * es".


I also have the 'Magic of Making Up', but I don't like this book since its telling the dumpee to initiate, and honey, I am not initiating anything! Book basically says to get yourself back, rely on yourself, heal, understand what went wrong before looking to reconcile, and then what to do and what not to do when you do reconcile.


They are helpful....but the Bob Grant book is seriously over priced. Are they worth buying? That's subjective really, and I bought it out of curiosity more than anything else.

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No I have some and waste of money..the one I think is good is from a website she has an ebook but her website covers the same thing for free so no need to buy hers really...I think she has the best way about getting back the ex or at least the best way to go about it...I have followed it...and am currently meeting up ex next week after making mistakes twice figuring out on my own...lol


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The site is full of advice and feedback for free too

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