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My ex-gf got a new boyfriend. But still thinks about me.


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I am from India and my ex-gf is from US. I met her in Korea. She was a school teacher and I was a student. our relationship last for 3 months in Korea and then 3 months distance relationship. She broke up with me last year(9 months ago). I still awfully miss her.

Now she got new boyfriend and they faced a break up and get together within few weeks of their relationship.

We some times exchange emails. In last email she wished that she had married me, but she also loves her new bf. Both of them are single on facebook but still they both say each other bf and gf and claim that they are in love.

I couldnt say anything except wishing her a great life. my reply was like I carrier for her but I dont give a damn to her new bf. How can I push that guy away from her and pull her towards me. It's like she is over me.

As I am in India and she is in US, I am now far away from her.

How can I get her back?

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