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The girl at Subway - How to talk to her?


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I work blocks away from a Subway, where I go to lunch every day I work. Everyone there knows me, what I order, even where I sit. And there's this girl that works there that is absolutely gorgeous. For about 2 months I never really said a word to her. But recently, something she said has raised questions. And I need help with these answers.


Does she like me?

How do I talk to her?


I'll explain...


Does she like me?

I'm not sure. One day I walked in and she took care of me at the register. As I took out my card to pay for my meal, she said "You know, you always look so good when you walk in here."


I wear to work a dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, and a tie. So yeah, I look good as far as looking good for work goes. I never thought twice about what she said and then I told a friend who was once a couple's counselor. She told me that she probably likes me or is interested in me and since I never really responded, I just rejected anything she may have been implying. So I probably messed this up big time. But I don't think for good.


So could this have been a simple compliment? Or was she showing her interest?


How do I talk to her?

I've dated a few women, but it's usually me making the first moves. So I'm a bit flattered that she may have been the one taking the plunge. She's very attractive (at least in my eyes). She has a cute voice and she always tries to be funny (but fails). But it's cute and the fact that she fails at her jokes makes me laugh. She always changes after she gets off work, which always lead me to believe she was taken. But then a friend told me "Women don't usually change at work to look the best they can if they're taken, cause they're not trying to impress anyone."



Also, I overheard a conversation she had with a coworker. Let's just say the mention of a boyfriend was absent. She wears a lot of dresses and she always looks amazing. I wanted to tell her once, but I just couldn't. I'm just plain not sure how to talk to her. And the fact she works at a very busy place, makes it impossible to start a decent conversation while ordering.


I feel like if I don't make a noteworthy move soon I'll lose out to another guy.

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If i had to take a guess, i would say she is or was interested in you. Asking you that question may have been testing the waters. Why not test the waters with her? Ask her when she gets off work (even though you already know) and if she tells you exactly when, there is a good sign!

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The thing about really gorgeous women, I think, is that they get hit on a lot...so much so that they get tired. I think the fact she gave you a complement was a very good sign, because these type of women know that the guy is likely going to be interested in them. Therefore they leave nothing to chance.

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Darl, open your mouth and activate the larynx! You're a catch, trust in yourself


If she rejects, it's her problem. It's not nice, but it's not a reflection on you as a person - it's a reflection on her and her choices.

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"Hi, make me a sandwich"


(Jokes aside...)


Next time you order something with her, make it a bit fun. Ask her for suggestions with sauces or what kind of bread or whatever to break the monotony of her work day and go from there.


And if you throw in the "make me a sandwich" bit (too many of my friends love saying this to the girls in our social circle...their evil is spreading to me ), bonus points but can backfire terribly depending on the kind of girl she is. If she likes you now I'm sure a 5 minute interaction won't change her attitude that drastically. But I suggest not going out to dinner for a first date considering she is always working around food!

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Sorry I haven't replied, she had the past few days off so I hadn't the chance.


However, today she was there, but I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen. Maybe I'm over thinking this, but you guys tell me. It started early this morning.

I had a weird dream. I was in Subway and bumped into her and apologized and she did too and as she did, this guy came out from no where and kissed her and they left. This dream actually woke me up and I was TICKED OFF. I thought it was real for like 3 mins. After I realized it was a dream I calmed down, got ready for work and left.


When I got there hours later, it was very busy, but I was going to stick to making my move. But then as she was making my sandwich I noticed a quite vivid hicky on her neck and now she ha a ring on her right ring finger. It looks very similar to my coworkers ring and my coworker is engaged...


She also seemed very distracted, even with it being busy. After all that, I lost all confidence and didn't bother going for it, at least not with all those signs.




And on top of all that I had my first horrible day at this semi-new job.


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