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Smokin' cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kangaroo.


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Sometimes I wish I were a smoker again. This is one of those.


I'm on the home stretch of getting through my first weekend AJ. (after Jorge) I'm fascinated with the posts here. Reading them has kept me occupied a good bit of the weekend- (sad, isn't it?). However, I made an effort to be productive and worked briskly at my side business this afternoon.


I came home, got a beer, turned on the TV and of all things, I watched an old episode of "Huckleberry Hound". I must be going a little nuts- I didn't even like that cartoon as a kid.


I only had 2 episodes of major tears today. That's one less than yesterday.

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"If I were walking in your shoes,

I wouldn't worry none"


-Thanks to 'Pulp Fiction' and your using the lyrics from that song as your post title, it's now firmly stuck in my head. Thought the above lyrics might be somehow appropriate to focus on...


Just focus on all the good things, like only 2 episodes of tears instead of 3, etc. My first day I went without tears was a pretty big deal for me... I'd gone at least 3+ weeks where I'd break down once every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. Thankfully, things are the opposite now... I can more easily count the days I go without the threat of tears. It does get better, slowly but surely, and I'm sure you'll see more and more evidence of this. Just keep focusing on all the little wins you encounter during the day, and hopefully the day will come soon enough where there's no tears at all for you.

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this just makes me smile. the song...and the smoking...and the tears. it's all SOOO familiar. everything about it. i hope i'm never a smoker again...but i can definitely appreciate the sentiment of wishing to be one again. it's crazy...but so are most other things in life.


teary-eyed episodes were the one thing that got me through the roughest of breakups. essential parts of my healing process. remember the tremendous feeling of RELIEF after and ''episode''. yep...they weren't even isolated events...they were full-fledged EPISODES. had the shakes and everything. ha...and then afterwards i would smoke. lol. more craziness.


wow...i'm impressed...you've brough back some very vivid memories here. can almost FEEL it again.


savour the moments. they may not be ''pleasant''...but that doesn't mean they're not important or worthwhile.

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