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Did I miss my chance?


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Hey all,


So to premise this, I'm actually a fairly shy person. I rarely talk to strangers in any setting if i can help it.


Anyway, this past weekend I was hanging out at a bar with some friends, and through random chance found myself sitting alone, holding the table for them to return with drinks and such, when a fairly cute girl sat down at the table nearby and took out a cigarette. I really felt like having one too, and decided that despite having a perfectly serviceable lighter, I'd go over and try to strike up a conversation by asking for one.


SO, I did this, and we had a pretty good 5-6 minute conversation about everything, but when she got up to head out she just kind of said 'Well, I'm going to get going. I'm sure we'll run into each other again! Hope to see you around!' and me, being fairly shy and having used up prettymuch all of my guts even talking to her just said 'Yeah, that'd be good!' and let her leave.


Should I have just bluntly asked for her number, like as she was leaving? Or if she were interested, would she have offered her number or suggested that she give me hers?

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Girls want to be asked by the guy so them just giving out their number willy-nilly is rare.


Yes, you should have asked her but hopefully you will see her again - and if you live in a small town, Im sure you will. But at least you've learned a lesson in all of this!

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