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A step in the right direction?

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A little update to where I last left off...(you can check my last post on here to catch up to speed). About 10 days after the lovely night of drama, mainly caused by me, we exchanged a few texts. Mainly small talk the first night. The 2nd night, I had invited him out for a drink and a bite to eat but he was working. I was with a friend of mine so she and I went ahead with our plans for the evening but while I was at dinner he text me and said to come see him at work. I picked him up some food (not at his request) and after dropping my friend off, went on to see him while at work. (He works 2 jobs, in school, and is training for a marathon)


He doesn't have a job where he can just sit and talk so I just assumed I'd be stopping by to say hi and maybe talk for 5 minutes or so. To my surprise he took a lunch break and asked me to come in and sit with him while he ate. We made small talk, talked about work and what we'd been up to. He said thanks for bringing him food and when I went to leave, he asked for a hug and told me I smelled really good. Then about 40 minutes later I received another text saying thank you (not necessary, but I thought it was sweet).


A few days later he text me and invited me to go out with him and a friend of his. I went and it was a really good time. He seemed to be flirting, telling me and his friend that I have "the sexiest eyes" (he wasn't drunk) and then texting me from accross the table sending flirty texts. When we got back to his place we sat in the living room singing along to the iPod (he is a great singer, i'm not too terrible either. ha!). We went to bed and laid down, but we were still singing (cheesy I know) but music is a big part of both of our lives and he finally just asked if I was going to "lay in his arms". We fell asleep snuggled up (we did not hook up, kiss, anything). The next morning he asked me to text him when I got home, to which I did and said I had a lot of fun. He replied back right away and said he did too.


I'm attempting not to read too much into this or make a bigger deal than what it is, but I also don't want to misread anything. Does it seem like this may be a positive step in the right direction? Should I just keep going with it and moving slowly? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Don't initiate contact. He'll probably make the first move again soon. Above all else realize that you had a nice time, and let it go. Stop thinking about it. Don't try and analyze it. Just accept it. That will allow you to be in a good place emotionally and mentally so that the next time he invites you out and you accept you can have just as good a time. It's good times like that strung in a row that lead to attraction.

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