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Merits of shyness?


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There's an interesting opinion article in the NY Times about the advantages of shyness link removed


I'm not sure if I'd categorize myself as strictly either introverted or extroverted and I'd still prefer to push myself more towards being outgoing but the article does make good points about why people are shy and why it is adaptable to have a mix of people and not just one or the other.

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Interesting article!


One thing I noted is that it focused on two categories: introverts and extroverts. While I agree that almost all people tend toward either introversion or extroversion, I don't think it's as simple as that. I think there's a wide spectrum of people, and that everyone lies somewhere between the two extremes of pure introvert and pure extrovert. As for myself, I'd say I'm 55% introvert and 45% extrovert. I don't mind being alone, and sometimes I prefer it. However, nobody would call me shy anymore (too often considered a disease nowadays like the article said). I tend to classify myself as a friendly introvert. Anyway, I guess my point is that there is a mixture of introverts and extroverts not only in society, but also within each individual.

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I agree with you. Perhaps the writer omitted that for simplicity sake. I'm also assuming whatever people are disposed to genetically (assuming this plays a role) their socialization would complicate what would otherwise be a cleaner cut category.

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That was really interesting, thanks for posting that. I like how the author talked about the differences between introverted and extroverted animals, and then compared them to human interaction. Both introversion and extroversion have benefits that help creatures survive and neither is perfect in every environment. He did really leave out the idea of shyness like knight of hope brought up. It didn't really feel complete without that.

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Interesting article, but it completely skips over Ambiverts who display traits of both extroversion and introversion depending on the situation.


Oh is that what I'm called? An Ambivert?


I've always described myself as a 'shy-extrovert'


Shy when I need to be, extrovert when I need to be lol.


Excellent article!

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